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By properly following the usage guideline – to draw for 3 – 5 seconds in each take, and consume 3 – 6 inhales in each session to reach equivalent satisfaction as smoking cigarette. 1 pod can last 1 – 4 days depending on individual’s consumption level.

On average,

Cigarette  RM17.50 a day = RM245 a month

NPOD RM40.00 for 7 days = RM160 a month

Average consumption: Smoking a day RM17.50 VS NCIG a day RM5.33

NCIG complies to international standards endorsed by the existing world nations’ governments. NCIG received multiple endorsements such as TPD-UK, CCPSA-Canada and Malaysia’s regulation such as SIRIM, GMP dan ISO 9001. 

NCIG is strictly fully compliant to these standards  to prioritize user safety when using NCIG. If there is any new requirement or compulsory standard from the authority, NCIG is ever ready to adhere to the standard to guarantee product safety and continue with our sincere cause to help smokers quit smoking habits forever. NCIG is based on a closed-pod system whereby the liquid is not refillable (disposable). The design considers holistic safety of children, hygiene and to avoid potential prohibited chemical abuse.

NCIG has wide array of flavours for all market segments from equivalent to the renown tobacco brands to fruity-sweet flavours. Users can sample these flavours at your nearest NSTORE or NSHOP (log on to our website www.ncig.com.my to browse on the locations) or contact our Ground Team (direct sellers) at your nearest locations.

You can try logging to our website www.ncig.com.my or visit our Instagram page for online purchase or refer to your nearest official NCIG agents/dealers/NSTORE/NSHOP/Ground Team listed in our website or Instagram page. All of NCIG’s broadcast, latest updates and promos can be followed from these platforms.

NCIG’s unique specialty is our capacity and quality of NCIG device battery, exciting flavours for all market segments at value for money rates. New line of accessories also add-on to users’ convenience and personalised lifestyles (travelling, active lifestyle, on-the-go, etc.)

This is a very rare occasion, but if this happens, users are always welcomed to contact any nearest NCIG representatives – agents/dealers/NSTORE/NSHOP as listed in our website or our Instagram page to request for product replacement. Kindly contact our Customer Service hotline in our website for more info.

NCIG flavour can last up to 2 years. To guarantee the quality of the flavours, NPOD cannot be stored in extreme temperatures or under direct sunlight such as leaving your NPOD in the car is not recommended.

No need. But if condensation occurs or you notice a foreign spot on the mouthpiece of the NPOD, this can be cleaned with a ‘cotton bud’ or any soft, absorbent object.

Thanks for your interest in helping more smokers quit their addiction to cigarettes! Click this link: https://ncig.com/ncig-agent and we will guide you on your journey to earn additional monthly income while helping your family and friends quit smoking.

Facing trouble with your device?

Don’t worry. Use this Troubleshoot guidebook to diagnose and fix device problems such as nil vaporisation, leaking and burnt taste.


Protect your device

Download this guide to learn how to register your device and get protected. *T&C applies

Become an NCIG Agent of Change

NCIG is on a mission to improve the quality of life for smokers and their families by putting an end to cigarette addiction forever. Our goal is to convert the world’s one billion smokers to stop smoking for by using the NCIG Total Solution, which ends with a smoke-free, nicotine-free lifestyle.



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