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Have you heard about the NCIG2 Exchange Program yet? What is it about, really?

Well, we’re giving away brand new, upgraded NCIG2 devices for FREE!

You heard that right – for free, and all you have to do is check your batch number against the guidelines in our website below.

If your batch number is anywhere between 0119 – 4919, you’re qualified to receive

a free NCIG device with upgraded firmware.


Once you are sure that you qualify then just choose if you would like to exchange directly with NCIG HQ online and then through post, or in person via agent, NStore or NShop. For all the mentioned exchange channels, you will need to register as a NCIG user with us to activate your warranty card and also fill in a simple 3-min questionnaire so we can better understand you and your needs for future references. 

What are the benefits of the upgraded NCIG2 device?

We have compiled below the 7 most noteworthy benefits that you will feel as soon as you try the upgraded device. The NCIG2 with upgraded firmware guarantees enhanced power delivery for a smoother experience overall. You will also find that the upgraded NCIG2 device syncs better with the NCASE2, enabling uninterrupted usage while the device is charging.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to level up to the fully upgraded version of NCIG2 if you find yourself with an outdated device.

All batch numbers involved in this exchange comes from an earlier production line before the upgrade and NCIG is determined to set the record straight so all of our customers enjoy the same level of quality products.Rest assured that the NCIG2 devices not qualified for this exchange program have all gone through the same upgrade we’re now offering the ones from earlier production lines.

Click now to check if you made the cut!

 As always, choose life.

Kongsi pesanan ini kepada teman-teman anda.

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