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to End Cigarette Addiction

There are over 7000 chemicals in cigarette smoke.

250 chemicals from cigarette smoke are known to be harmful.

At least 69 chemicals from cigarette smoke cause cancer.

14% of the 1.1 billion smokers in the world lives in low and middle income countries

Quit Smoking Today

Cigarettes Kill. Choose Life.

0000 0
Death from cigarette smoking
per minute, worldwide
000 0
Death from second hand smoke
every hour worldwide
Every smoker wants to quit. They know the risk that comes with
smoking cigarettes. They understand the risks posed by

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NCIG is on a mission to improve the quality of life for smokers and their families by putting an end to cigarette addiction forever. Our goal is to convert the world’s one billion smokers to stop smoking for by using the NCIG Total Solution, which ends with a smoke-free, nicotine-free lifestyle.